moving on...

 I've moved my blogging to another platform... and no it's not Facebook, cause I'm not 12 nor an attention whore...

Aside from a few friends who post regularly here in Live Journal (jehzuhbell as well as and_one_dave in particular) this place is a ghost town. Information and entertainment can be found elsewhere, so see ya...

If you'd like to follow me on my new blog, where I'll be writing plenty,  drop me an email mchurch23@comcast.net and I'll either direct you to the link... or ignore you :p

Will still keep this LJ for archival purposes, but time to start writing the new chapters of my life elsewhere.


Mind wanderings

Haven't updated this thing in 3 months!!! Been doing a lot, going to a lot of places, observing, thinking, reading, performing, remembering things, taking notes, drawing mental pictures, physically sketching, changing, growing up, standing up, moving on, kicking ass, taking names, progressing, learning, forgetting, laughing, arguing, being a bad ass and more...

here's a bunch of stuff (advice, sayings, written words, thoughts, quotes, etc...) I've rolled across from various sources and sometimes my own head over the last four months.  Some of it resonates only with me, others is universal. Don't read anything more into it than what's randomly there. This is my journal, my thoughts, my observations, my life.  Don't like it. Leave.  Just thought I'd post and let it be a mind cleaner and then get back to regular and more frequent postings.


Sometimes we all just need a separate place and outlet to get the thoughts out.
There comes a time in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, and who always will. Don't worry about the people from your past, because there is a reason they are not in your future.  Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. Speak the truth even if your voice shakes. THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU! You don't deserve a point of view if the only thing you see is you. People don't care about you as much as you think they do. Never say anything that doesn't improve on silence. Some bitches should just be mute. YOU'RE NOT DEEP - YOU'RE NOT AN INTELLECTUAL - YOU'RE NOT AN ARTIST - YOU'RE NOT A CRITIC - YOU'RE NOT A POET - YOU JUST HAVE INTERNET ACCESS. Half of life is fucking up, the other half is dealing with it. Never sacrifice who you are just because someone has a problem with it. People don't leave because things are hard - they leave because it is no longer worth it. THE HUMAN BODY RECREATES ITSELF EVERY SIX MONTHS. NEARLY EVERY CELL AND BONE DIES, AND IS REPLACED. YOU ARE NOT WHO YOU WERE LAST NOVEMBER. Music is the bonding factor between pain and happiness. You will never be happy if you don’t stop looking back, if you can’t let go of your past. Things can only haunt you if you let them. Back your shit up or shut the fuck up. People are only remembered if you refuse to forget them. You can either live or survive. You can either be the hero or the victim. It’s your choice. I am who I am, your approval isn't needed! Just know that someone out there has it worse, and you should try to realize that there really is a lot to look forward to. Everything is going to be alright - maybe not today, but eventually. THE SECRET TO CREATIVITY IS KNOWING HOW TO HIDE YOUR SOURCES. Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes~art is knowing which ones to keep. Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn't theirs. FUCK Yeah tomorrow is Friday. OH SHIT - It's Monday tomorrow. Sarcasm: the ability to insult idiots without them realizing it. The best feelings are those that have no words to describe them. DESTROY WHAT DESTROYS YOU! Fuck the good old days! I come, i fuck shit up, i leave! Take every chance, drop every fear. I am trying to be a better person. Breathe deep and let go of things. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives. You have to do stuff that average people don't understand because those are the only good things. You should save the best part of yourself for the person who deserves you. DON'T REGRET ANYTHING YOU DO CAUSE IN THE END IT MAKES YOU WHO YOU ARE. Sometimes no matter how much you want things to happen all you can do is wait. CHANGE ATTITUDES - CHANGE BEHAVIORS - CHANGE DIRECTIONS - CHANGE LIVES - CHANGE VOICES. The say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. Expect the best, be prepared for the worst, fuck what others think and do your own thing. Whatever you do good or bad, people will always have something negative to say.  Holding a grudge is letting someone live rent free in your head. There is a 'lie' in believe, 'over' in lover, 'end' in friend and 'if' in life. Define your life. Trust? Years to earn, seconds to break. If you don't want a sarcastic answer, then don't ask a stupid question. When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can either let it define you, destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you. Stop putting everyone else before yourself. Stop doing everything for everyone else. Let them help themselves for once. Fuck everyone else’s needs for once. What about your needs? Who’s looking out for you? Who is putting you before their needs and desires? Thats right, no one. Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for themDeserve more than empty words and empty promises. 


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Motion senser detects movement by Saint

 Yup still here.  Long time no update, but it's Summer and well, I like going outside to play...

Things are good.

Job is going well. Have one evil client of 5 otherwise great clients right now. Starting to see the end of the project with the evil client and hopefully soon won't have to think about it and them. The other clients "get it!"

New car is still much fun.

Got a 27" iMac for home and last month purchased the Creative Suite as well.  Designing all day at work, I rarely come home to design anything here, but have been tinkering a bit with some vector ideas for t-shirts or large sized-poster prints.

Still DJ'ing.  Usually at City Club but theres a special event and guest set coming up. The special event is July 24 in Detroit. I'll be spinning at the Corktown Music festival. Corktowns where the old Tiger Stadium was and where the old Michigan Central Train Station still stands in it's decaying beauty. Excited about this festival because not only is the Michigan Central seen below our backdrop (seriously our stage is right in front of the massive fucker)...


... But I get to DJ with nearly all my favorite friends and fellow Detroit DJ's: Pleasure Kitten, Nocker, Elektrosonik, Void 6, Pulse State, Aaron Hingst, Scary Guy and more. Going to be a fun day, it's FREE!!! Expect to see the whole scene out there... and then I spin that night at City.
Waiting on the official flyer and then I'll post.

Friday August 20th I'm guest DJ'ing the Dark Cruise as part of the Collectives newish night Resist in Ferndale @  New Way Bar. The world famous Dream Cruise starts officially the following Saturday, but with the popularity of the cruise you can always expect cars beginning on Monday night. Let's hope I can stay focused on DJ'ing while the Mercs, rat rods and roadsters drive by. Void 6 is the other DJ for the night. $7.00 cover 21+ and I'll post more info closer to the date.

September I head off to NYC to join Terrorfakt on stage for their Triton Festival performance. Still need to iron out some details on that but looks good. 

So keeping busy musically.

I haven't updated this thing in so long I'm trying to remember things I need to mention. I encourage you all to check my Flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/djsaint where I post photos from the events I go to like Kinetik Festival (Montreal), Car/Bike shows (Sins of Steel and Ton Up) and road trips (Chicago for Die Warzau). Gives you a glimpse into my life without having to read the words I type here and bore you all with  (LOL)

And oh yeah I will be moving shortly. Still in Michigan, just closer to work... not exactly sure exactly where and when, but my minds made up it's time to move. No reason to stay in Ann Arbor.

That's enough for now. I'll try to be a bit more consistent with updating and maybe just maybe I will bite the bullet and get on Facebook.

What's new with you gals and guys? Hope you are all well.


They put a hot wire to my head cos of the things I did and said...

Decided to go and check out Public Image Limited Wednesday night at the Crofoot in Pontiac. First stateside tour from P.I.L. in  18 years and having never seen them before was glad I finally got the opportunity. Ran into an old high school friend whose third question after asking how I was and what I'm currently up to was "Are you on Facebook?". Found that rather funny and a sign of the times I suppose. Nope, still not on Facebook but I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard the f-word last night (not the f bomb -LOL) cause I'd be insanely wealthy.


The show was especially entertaining. Mr. Rotten looked and sound great. The band behind him talented musicians as well, with both the guitar and bass player occasionally handling other instruments like synths, odd-upright bass thingy, etc..  They opened with "This Is Not a Love Song" and played a 2-hour set that included "Religion", "Public Image", "Rise", "Home", "Bags", "Warrior", "The Body" and "Disappointed" amongst many many others. Strangely omitted from the set was "Seattle", perhaps one of their bigger hits.  Regardless a varied setlist of favorites.

Mr. Rotten has appeared to mellow SLIGHTLY with age, but there were moments he was his typical rebellious self. Click here to read Johnny Rotten calls security guard a 'fat lump' during concert at the Crofoot in Pontiac

There's even a video link. That was pretty funny and perhaps justified as security was a little uptight for an older crowd that was very well behaved.

Snapped a few photos that can be found on my Flickr page here. I also got some great video which I will post later.

All in all a very fun show.  Assemblage 23 is this Saturday at Smalls.  Hope to see many of you.
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Weekend Recap

 A good weekend was recently had.

Friday after work, I zipped back to Ann Arbor.  Haven't done much highway driving with the new car yet, but on my drive home I pushed the accelerator to 100mph for just a few. Handled fine and solid before I dropped it back down to 80mph.  LOVE the new car. Love the fact it also has a CD player and iPod hookup.

Didn't do much Friday night as I was pretty exhausted from work.

Saturday I did some things around the house and then took a trip over to Vault of Midnight in hopes of finding a copy of Jeffrey Browns "Cat Getting Out of a Bag and Other Observations" for a workmate. No luck on finding the book as it's on back order, but I did pick up a few other comics. Also got to talk with store owner Curtis about the movie Black Dynamite. He's the one who recommended it to me and I thought it was hilarious. So we compared notes and talked some jive for a while.

Saturday early evening I went to my friend Chris' house warming and birthday party in Detroit. As much as I am not a party person, I was excited for this. Chris had sent me an invite a month or so in advance and in Googling the address I realized his new house was in Detroits New Center area - a part of the city with some great history and even more amazing houses.  Chris' house is no exception. Built in 1910 it's a HUGE place. His attic is bigger than my entire house. 4 bedrooms, wood floors, servants staircases, parlors, wood ornamentation, big front and back porch - absolutely amazing.  And Chris as well as his girlfriend Meghan being collectors of the bizarre have it decorated where everywhere you look theirs something macabre, fascinating, whimsical and more. One of the other unique things about the block that Chris lives on is that years ago the street that ran in front of it was bricked over.  No traffic is allowed whatsoever. It gives the street this very movie-esque vibe to it. If it weren't for the terrific outline of the cities buildings against the night sky you'd think you were not in Detroit.  The company at Chris' party was great as well. Ran into a lot of old mutual friends I haven't seen in many years.  Always good to catch up.  Most of these people were the intellectual punks I ran with in my earlier days. Now these smart kids are smart adults, who own businesses, have families, creative projects, etc... The kind of people you ask what's up and rather than "Nothing" for an answer, give you 20 minutes of something mindblowing they've recently done.  The rest of the people at the party I really enjoyed talking to. Met a guy who was the catalyst for introducing the 2 guys that would later start the Detroit Chapter of the Poor Boys Car Club.  While this guy wasn't as much as a gear head himself he did give me a ton of information on upcoming shows and where I could get some connections in finding a car.  Also got a chance to meet Chris' neighbors from across the street Nicola and Adam otherwise known as the electronic duo ADULT. VERY cool people and spent a good deal of time sharing stories with them.  Sadly I had to leave and go off to DJ at City Club.

Saturday night was the second PROGRESSION night at City Club. The night went very well. Played an entire night of new music. Had many inquiries regarding selections that were played and in general had a good time. Sure some people bitched and complained, there was pre and post drama on the DGN message board, blah, blah, blah... Sometimes I wonder why I bother.  Sometimes I'm driven by that anger. Sometimes it's just the money (which isn't much),   most times it's this crazy motivation mixed with my own personal DJ goals that keep me going. Musically I think things are progressing... 

Headed home after DJ'ing.

Sunday I headed into work for a bit to catch up on some things. After a few hours at the office, made a stop down at Detroit Comics to see if they had the Jeffrey Brown book. No luck there but I did learn he will be at the store on May 1st as part of Free Comic Book day!  Will have to pop over there and get my stuff signed.

Sunday night didn't do much - Simpsons and then some reading.

Have out of town company coming mid week so taking a rare day off and while my friend is in town we'll be seeing David Sedaris.  Saw him a year or more ago and he's another great storyteller and humorist.

OH! My brothers dog is here for dog sitting - time to go play fetch!

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:: PROGRESSION :: 04.10.10 @ CITY CLUB ::

 First off, this:

Saturday, April 10, City Club DJ’s Void 6 and Saint present PROGRESSION – a night devoted to; exposing new music, previewing tracks that may very well be filling the dance floor quickly and playing up-and-coming bands that will be the new lifeblood of the scene.

Excited for the night. Void and I did the first Progression night back in October which was met with a good amount of success and has helped to get many tracks into regular rotation.

Hope to see you out for the night.

And if you'd rather be hearing some alternative retro, Plastic Passion is taking place at Goodnight Gracie in Ann Arbor.  If I wasn't working Saturday night at City, I'd be at Gracies hanging out. So, two great nights of music this Saturday and of course City on Friday with (Elektrosonik and Pleasurekitten this week). There's little to no excuse to stay in.

I had a scene rant all a'brewing but decided to save myself from carpal tunnel and let it slide.  I've actually been rather emotionally here nor there with my DJ'ing lately. I don't feel like I'm pushing myself as I once used to or reaching these short/long term goals I tend to make. Progression is a start to getting back to a bit more focus on DJ'ing.  I plan on recording some new mixes like in years past (been forever since I did one).  I've got a redesign for the DJ Saint site kicking around (the old site is gone).  I'd like to move into DJ'ing some other areas like dark techno/gabber/hardtek. Need to start playing a LOT of different stuff at City regardless of complaints. Would LOVE to do a night with Dethlab again. I've got some plans in my head to bring back Dead-Line for a one-off reunion night. Would be fun to also get another Mechanize night organized.  Lots of plans and just need to work on executing them.  So that's what's kicking around in the DJ part of my brain. Will post what the other parts are thinking sometime later.

gotta run...
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Got the new car finally... however it didn't come easily.

Things are good.

Biggest news is I got a new car finally. Got it last Wednesday, but like everything in my life it seems, it didn't come without some hassle;

here's the story, equal parts WTF, dramatic and funny.

Monday I went and filled out all the paperwork. The car was in, but it still needed all the accessories (ground effects, rear lip spoiler, alarm, etc...) put on. So no point in taking the car home if only to have to bring it back to have the accessories put on the next day. So I left the car and they said they would have all the extras put on by noon on Tuesday.

Well... Tuesday noon rolls around and the dealer calls. It won't be ready until 5 now. So I wait, excited to be getting my new car. 5:30 hits and another phone call. Still working on the alarm system and it'll be ready for sure by noon on Wednesday. Hmmpf. I've already waited a month so what's another day?

Wednesday 12:30 and I get a call from the dealership. They will be on their way shortly to drop my car off at work. Hooray.
So I meet them outside. The salesperson arrives in my car and another shop guy arrives in another car so the salesperson can have a lift back. I'm looking over the car to make sure everything's cool, asking questions. I ask if the alarm is good. The shop guys says yeah. I ask if it's loud and the shop guy says he'll bump into the car to set the alarm off. So mind you this kid is pretty hefty. He throws his body into the side of my car to set the alarm off and... proceeds to PUT A DENT IN THE SIDE OF THE CAR! The look on the kids face was priceless - ever seen anybody turn white?!!! He was apologetic but come on... common sense you know. The salesperson was apologetic as well.

So I just look at the 2 of them and I'm possibly the maddest I've ever been in my life. I order them to take the "car back to the dealership, do whatever it takes to get the dent out TODAY and have it back to me by 5pm or I will be ordering the exact same new car but with the $1700+ navigation system at THEIR cost!" I was so pissed off. I hadn't even driven my new car yet alone sat in it and here I am having a dent taken out of it already.

I head back into work and I calm down a bit later enough to actually start laughing about the situation.

So at 4:15 the dealership brings the car back, the same salesperson and a new guy (who was instructed to wait in the car). I have my buddy from work who I told the story to come out to have a look. I figure if he sees even a trace of a dent  back it goes. We both look at it.  The dent is not even noticeable. I was impressed by how they removed it. I got a written description of what happened and they warrantied it for 6 months on top of the usual warranty. The sales person was again very apologetic and mentioned/joked that as soon as that hefty shop guy got back and had to explain the situation... they sent him for (get this...) a drug test!!! (LOL)

I wish I could make this shit up but nope the oddest things always happen to me.

So Wednesday I got my car after all that. Drive it home. It's awesome. I love it!

Friday I got it out on the e-way for a good spin and that things got speed.
Been watching my lead foot and haven't gotten it above 80mph but really want to go out on some country round somewhere and let it fly.

Time for some road trips too :)

More stuff later. Plenty to write about.

Check out the artwork of Leon Ryan. AWESOME!
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